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Annuals and Perennials

My flower bed (if you can call the weedy strip of earth along the sidewalk by that name) is planted with over two dozen daffodil bulbs. These have never failed to bloom for me. Even after being tricked into sprouting … Continue reading

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A Year of Creativity

It may seem odd to be doing a “year in review” essay in April, but it took me most of the first quarter of this year to tie up the loose ends of last year, so I decided to make … Continue reading

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A Perfect Start

A new journal is like new fallen snow–tantalizing with the pristine magic of unblemished potential. So of course I wanted my first drawing in my new journal to be perfect–a good first impression for my future self and any other … Continue reading

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The Same Yet Different

It’s fascinating how things come back around in our lives, undulating like ocean waves. I read a lot of books in 2016 and I was having trouble keeping track of them all. Originally, part of the purpose of this blog … Continue reading

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Smart Phone, Foolish User

I call the number and after four rings, voice mail picks up. I leave a message and attempt to hang up, but the screen of my smart phone is black and unresponsive. I push the power button, which usually wakes … Continue reading

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Saturday Adventure

Last Saturday, after collecting a small satchel of paper, pens, books, and a camera, I kissed my husband on the forehead and announced, “I’m off on an adventure! I’ll be back when I’m done.” I left him with a bewildered … Continue reading

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Speed Limit Enforced

Last week, I smashed my finger in the sliding door of my minivan. It was late. I was tired. All I wanted to do was to get home from work as soon as possible. It happened so fast: I hoisted … Continue reading

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