The Closer You Get, The Slower You Go

About four years ago (or halfway through my Christmas stocking project), I swore said to myself that when I was finished, I would never make a granny square afghan.  You see, each stocking requires thirteen squares, which means crocheting well over 150 squares for the entire project.  In addition to the actual crochet this involves, think of all the tails to weave in!  Think of all the stitches needed to assemble each stocking!  To be honest, I might only be halfway through this project right now if my mother and sisters hadn’t taken pity on me.  One of them (who also crochets) offered to make a pair of stockings, while others (non-crocheters, but crafty nonetheless) agreed to assemble the stockings themselves once I got each set of thirteen squares crocheted. (Blessings on them all!)

So while I was drowning in the midst of this ocean of squares, the thought of crocheting long, unbroken rows with no assembly required certainly appeared to be the proverbial port in a storm. In fact, I bought a couple of books with ripple afghan patterns in preparation for fulfilling this prophecy.  But as I begin the next to last round on my rug, I’m beginning to have second thoughts about keeping this promise to myself.

Each round on the rug is now over 200 stitches, so it is difficult to finish a round in one sitting.  And somehow it’s not quite as satisfying to say “I got half a round done,” after an hour of crocheting, when I used to announce “I’ve finished another square,” after the same amount of time.  Plus, in the heat of summer, it’s not quite as appealing to spend an hour with a shaggy rug covering your lap. (Granted this would have tremendous appeal if it were 20̊ F outside like it was when I started this project!)  The increased girth also makes the rug less portable.  I can still fit it in my crochet bag, but getting it in there would be as much fun as wrangling my sleeping bag into its stuff sack. So like a dog, the rug spends most of the time occupying some piece of living room furniture (much to my husband’s dismay).

Alright! Alright! I can finally see the appeal of crocheting and assembling a million little squares rather than stitching one big blanket.  But I still think I want to try a ripple afghan (and I do have some lovely patterns from which to choose).  I’ll just make sure to start it in autumn.  And maybe just do a baby blanket size.

(But I have a friend who has a penchant for shamrocks–her grandmother was from County Mayo.  Don’t you think she’d love this Shamrock Afghan?  It only takes 88 squares….)


About ChainThree

I am a daughter, sister, wife and aunt who has always loved a good yarn.
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