One WIP Down, Two to Go

I have one less Work In Progress now.  I finished my niece’s birthday present!

Aren't the picots on the kerchief cute!

I made the coin purse and the kerchief  with Caron Spa, a light weight (3) acrylic and bamboo blend with a wonderfully silky texture.  (I really want to make myself a little scarf or lacy sweater with this yarn!)  The colors are Greensleeves (dark) and Green Sheen (light).  I used approximately one third to one half a skein of Greensleeves and maybe a quarter skein of Green Sheen total for these two projects, so even with adding extra rows to enlarge the kerchief, this didn’t take a lot of yarn.

My niece liked the present, though I think one of my other sister’s won the “Best Present” award with the Strawberry Shortcake Picnic in the Petals play set.

Caution: Objects are smaller than they appear.


But that’s okay–the coin purse can double as a carrying case for the play set!


About ChainThree

I am a daughter, sister, wife and aunt who has always loved a good yarn.
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