One of My Favorites

In my last post I mentioned Crochet Spot.  I don’t remember how I got to this website.  I think I was looking for light or lacy scarf patterns to make a summer scarf.  I know, I know–most people don’t consider scarves a summer accessory, and if I lived in the 1950s, I wouldn’t either.  But I live in 21st Century America where nearly every building is air conditioned–often at a “perfect” temperature range between 73̊ and 75̊ F.  This is the perfect temperature for me to break into a rash of goose bumps if I am wearing shorts and a tee shirt or a light summer dress.  But it’s amazing how a wrap around the neck makes the chilly breezes tolerable, so I began looking for scarf patterns that were more of a mesh or open-work, thinking that if I finished my Christmas stockings by early spring, I could make one or two summer scarves out of light, cotton yarn that would keep me more comfortable indoors, but be easily shed if activities moved outdoors.

I still haven’t made any such scarves (see previous post), but my daydreaming was not wasted because I discovered Crochet Spot and it has become one of my favorite crochet sites.  Not only do they have a plethora of fun patterns (some of which are free and some are reasonably priced download files), but they also have wonderful picture tutorials (showing both right and left handed crochet) and humorous essays about adventures with crochet projects.

The first item I made from a Crochet Spot pattern was this coin purse:
My first Crochet Spot project
My newest purse was arranged so that I didn’t need a wallet per se, but I did need something to corral my change so that I wouldn’t have to empty the entire purse contents on the passenger’s seat of the car every time I needed to find a quarter for my cart at Aldi Foods.  So when I came across this pattern, I broke my One WIP Rule (see previous post) because I needed a coin purse.  With a little bit of Red Heart Cherry Red and some Red Heart Multicolor Mexicana yarn and just three evenings of crochet, I had a cute coin purse for free!

My second Crochet Spot project was a gift, inspired by my friend asking me where I bought my black, furry ear warmer.  Even though the Midwest was still held firmly in winter’s frigid grip, the stores had put all the winter gear on clearance the previous month, so it was “slim pickins” when it came to outfitting her winter wardrobe.  (Did I mention she had just moved back from Hawaii?)  Having had such wonderfully quick success with my first Crochet Spot pattern, my immediate thought was to see if they had any ear warmer patterns.  Of course they did!  And here is my finished result:

This was actually a combination of two patterns, the Absolutely Easy Ear Warmer and the Simple Six Petal Flower.  I made the headband part out of Yarn Bee Paradox Pansy –a little bit furry and very soft!–and the flower out of Red Heart White, both of which I had on hand.  (Sometimes being a pack rat does pay off!)


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I am a daughter, sister, wife and aunt who has always loved a good yarn.
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  1. Debra says:

    You look so cute!!

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